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 Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (PC/2009/Multi5)

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PostSubject: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (PC/2009/Multi5)   Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:22 am

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (PC/2009/Multi5)

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (PC/2009/Multi5)
Pc Game | Language: Multi5 | Year: 2009 | File size: 4.44 GB
Genre: Shooter / 3D / 1st Person

The story revolves around the events described in the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Code: Veronica. The project will have three chapters: the first two re-tell the events mentioned games, the third - a new branch of the plot of this eternal zombie stories.

Recommended system requirements:
Intel 2 Duo Core E7600 or AMD Athlon X3
2-3 GB RAM
512 Mb Video Card (ATI Radeon HD 4xxx or NVIDIA GeForce GTX280)
In this configuration, you will have 20-56 frames (AIDS FULL 30 frames take this !!!!)

Extras. Information:
Selecting one of the proposed characters, we can pass the whole game either alone or in cooperative mode (for a couple of men).

Running game:
The archive is already present feelings emulyator Win32-4632f.
Also, anyone XP and video cards radeon is generally no problem to pass the game you can, although there is one negative to configure joystick Well, I think you understood!
Well, if you do not have a computer in the system requirements listed then play on the console wiil chipovanoy for this should be empty Singular and write the image to the archive!

On the file:
Publication Type: License
Tabletka: Emulation image
File format:. Iso
Platform: PC

Download from Uploading Retdc_YMT.part01.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part02.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part03.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part04.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part05.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part06.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part07.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part08.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part09.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part10.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part11.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part12.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part13.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part14.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part15.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part16.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part17.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part18.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part19.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part20.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part21.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part22.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part23.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part24.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part27.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part26.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part27.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part28.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part29.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part30.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part31.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part32.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part33.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part34.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part35.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part36.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part37.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part38.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part39.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part40.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part41.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part42.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part43.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part44.rar/ Retdc_YMT.part45.rar/

Download From Rapidshare Retdc_YMT.part01.rar Retdc_YMT.part02.rar Retdc_YMT.part03.rar Retdc_YMT.part04.rar Retdc_YMT.part05.rar Retdc_YMT.part06.rar Retdc_YMT.part07.rar Retdc_YMT.part08.rar Retdc_YMT.part09.rar Retdc_YMT.part10.rar Retdc_YMT.part11.rar Retdc_YMT.part12.rar Retdc_YMT.part13.rar Retdc_YMT.part14.rar Retdc_YMT.part15.rar Retdc_YMT.part16.rar Retdc_YMT.part17.rar Retdc_YMT.part18.rar Retdc_YMT.part19.rar Retdc_YMT.part20.rar Retdc_YMT.part21.rar Retdc_YMT.part22.rar Retdc_YMT.part23.rar Retdc_YMT.part24.rar Retdc_YMT.part25.rar Retdc_YMT.part26.rar Retdc_YMT.part27.rar Retdc_YMT.part28.rar Retdc_YMT.part29.rar Retdc_YMT.part30.rar Retdc_YMT.part31.rar Retdc_YMT.part32.rar Retdc_YMT.part33.rar Retdc_YMT.part34.rar Retdc_YMT.part35.rar Retdc_YMT.part36.rar Retdc_YMT.part37.rar Retdc_YMT.part38.rar Retdc_YMT.part39.rar Retdc_YMT.part40.rar Retdc_YMT.part41.rar Retdc_YMT.part42.rar Retdc_YMT.part43.rar Retdc_YMT.part44.rar Retdc_YMT.part45.rar
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Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (PC/2009/Multi5)
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